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[IP] sara's stupid eyes

Ellen wrote:

From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] eyes

> ...I told her and she said, Dr. X doesn't take that insurance, call Dr. 
> Y. Before I could ask if she took cash, the receptionist hung up.  I 
> was shocked that she was so abrupt and so rude

Amazing!!!  why do we let people get away with this??? 
Do we DESERVE to be treated like this because we are DEFECTIVE?  

Andy wrote:

> I saw the problem you were having with that physician in New York. 
> I've had eye problems for a number of years, now under control, and 
> have had 3 vetrectomies. I would recomend that you call Dr. Robert 
> . Murphy at the Glaser-Murphy Retina Treatment Center in Baltimore

Thanks for the referral Andy, I am glad to know that there really are some
decent ones out there, but I really need to find one here, if that is possible
- otherwise I will just go back to the doctor I trust in Dallas - at least
there i will have family and friends I can recuperate with.  If I were to go
to Baltimore, I would probably take advantage of my proximity to Washington to
go raise some hell on Capitol Hill regarding patient's rights and the teh
importance of putting diabetes back on the national agenda....

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