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[IP] air travel


the only thing to be sure and have (besides your supplies onboard with you) is
a letter from your physician for all of your prescriptions and syringes.  This
is more important when you fly abroad, but might as well have it in your
travel kit, ya know?

Airliens are getting super strict about what you can carry on nowadays.  I
used to take my roller bag that fit in all the size-wise baggae things they
have to check the size...I have had them try and take it away TWICE cuz the
plane was so crowded,  I wasnt carrying anything else either.  One time, I sat
there in the jet way in front of the door of the plane, taking syringes,
insulin bottle, tubing packets, alcohol swabs out.  The stewardess had to give
me a bag to put it all in so I didn thave to walk on board dropping medical
supplies.  I was so pissed.  The second time they tried, I was downright ugly
and said no &#%@^ way!  It got on, and fit under my seat, but now, I no longer
wait until the last possible second to get onboard...as soon as my row is
called, I am there cuz it is those last stragglers who get bags taken away!

Sara, world traveler...and beyond...
*-)=B xoxx
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