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In a message dated 8/21/98 11:20:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hey guys,

I got hooked up to my pump this morning - I am using humalog.  The doctor
started me at .8 basal.  Is it possible to be doing this well this Fast!!!!
Since 3:00 this afternoon my bgs have been below 120 even after
dinner..........The doctor told me that I would run about 200 for awhile
until they got the basals correct.

My fear now is going to bed with a bg of 100.  I am used to waking up at
4:00 am with a bg in the 40s so I tend to go to bed with a higher bg rate.
I know that I am not taking nph but the fear is still there.  Can anyone
suggest anything to calm my nerves...



As you may know, night time lows is a common problem of may type 1s.  First
the basal rates should be set right if you have evening lows. Some thing that
I use to help minimize night time lows is corn starch as part of my bedtime
snack.  Corn Starch is digested very slowly to cover many a night time low. A
great thing is that I was told that you don't have to count it as a carb.  I
don't know the scientific spec on corn starch but it definately works for me
type 1 for 38 years and my son type 1 for 11 months.  Good Health and Good
Happiness, Jeff.   email @ redacted
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