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Re: [IP] ICQ chat

I would imagine its true.  I don't know exactly how aol sets up its
connections.  But in order for icq to operate, you need the equivalent of a
standard ppp connection to the internet.  In other words, you need to be
able to surf the web with netscape. (or microsoft ie)  I know you can
'surf' with aol's browser, but thats not the same, cause thats a
proprietary browser, and likely uses different protocols to resolve url
requests.  Like I said I do NOT know the specifics of how AOL sets up its
customers.  But I have a feeling its not a basic connection, but rather a
proprietary interface --- hence icq will not work.  icq was created to give
non-aol users the ability to IM and chat person to person, or in small
groups.  As such, I don't think they were looking to include aol customers,
as they already have that ability. (although only among themselves.)

if you really wanna know for SURE... contact aol tech suport.... you pay
them enough money the least they can do is answer the question.  I'm sure
they would know.

At 04:51 PM 8/23/98 EDT, you wrote:
>We are on AOL - I have been told that you cannot do ICQ with AOL.  Does
>know if this is true or not????  
>Thanks,   Sherri~
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