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Re: [IP] finger sticks

On 21 Aug 98 at 13:14, email @ redacted wrote:

>     I'm new to the group (added to list on 8/18) and I apologise if this 
>      is an outdated topic, but I'm wondering what everyone uses for lancing 
>      devices.  I have been using the BMC Softclix device, but have recently 
>      had some disppointments with the quality of the device itself.  I know 
>      it and the lancets are more expensive, so I wondered if it was worth 
>      it.
>      What is everyone's preferred product?

I used the device that came with the OneTouch meters for years, but 
last year I switched to the Softclix when I got one with the pump.  I 
like the ability to change the penetration depth.   You mean you 
can change the lancets? <G>  I'd bet that if everyone was honest 
you'd find that many people don't change the lancet very often, and 
then only if it gets contaminated or dull...  

>      Also, how do you choose which fingertip to test?  Organized rotation, 
>      or which ever one looks the best?!

The diabetes logging software that I use tracks which finger and 
where to stick next.  It is called Healthmate and runs on a Newton 
and I keep it with my meter.   Organized rotation helps avoid using 
the same spot too often.  
Randall P. Winchester
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