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Re: [IP] airport security with pump

On 22 Aug 98 at 13:25, Aileen wrote:

> I am getting ready to make my first flight out of state in 20 yrs, and I
> have the added delight of traveling with my pump.  Do you have any advice
> for me, especially the issue of airport security with my insulin, syringes,
> and pump?  I will not be changing time zones at least, so that won't be an
> issue.
> Aileen

Don't volunteer anything about the pump.  Ask for your bag containing 
your insulin to be hand checked - I keep my insulin in a small case 
inside my backpack when travelling.  If the pump sets off the 
security alarm ask for a "hand-scan" and if it beeps at the pump then 
you can say "That's my insulin pump."  My experiences have been that 
they look at it and then once they see it's connected to you they 
wave you on through.  Don't get excited, don't volunteer information 
but cooperate as much as you can without putting yourself at risk.  
Randall P. Winchester
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