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Re: [IP] Illness and high blood sugars


In addition to Judy C's advice re: checking on possible infection
complications, try taking your meal bolus by injection. Eliminate the pump,
site, infusion set, etc. as possible variables.

If your BG still rises this significantly, even when bolusing via injection
for meals, sounds like some other complications need to be looked into.

I realize this may sound overly simplistic, but sometimes it helps to
eliminate as many variables as possible.


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Janine wrote:

>I have been sick with a severe head cold/fever/cough for a week.  I saw my
>doctor and she says I do not have an infection, which I probably don't
>since I was already on anti-biotics for an infection when I got this.  My
>blood sugars had been high, but manageable using boluses of Humalog for
>highs (I use Humulin R in my pump).
>However, for the last 2 days I have been having really high swings, into
>the mid 500's, and even Humalog is not having much effect.  I have changed
>sets several times, switched bottles of insulin, checked my meter and
>everything is fine.

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