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Re: [IP] Cannula Crimp -- Advice, please

> What could be causing it?  I'm not
> really overweight, but do have plenty of the usual female body-fat
> on the butt. This does NOT happen when I do the insert in my tummy;
> only the butt.  I don't insert where my weight will be when sitting,
> but I'm sure I do roll on the set while sleeping--is that the likely
> cause?

Lily had one or two in the tummy like that. Several Sil's in the butt 
that were placed low also showed a crimp after a couple of days. She 
has since been very careful not to place the sets over muscle tissue 
that moves a lot and the problem has not recurred.

Suggest you try placing the set a little higher up on the rump/waist 


Michael <email @ redacted>
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