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Re: [IP] airport security with pump


Should not be a problem.  I have been traveling with my Disetronic for over 4
years.  You occasionally get a security guard who asks you to turn it on (like
a pager).  I had one that wanted me to remove the item for inspection and I
simply confronted him and removed it from its case and showed him the tube for
the infusion set.  He stopped at that point as one of his supervisors also come
over and advised him it was indeed an insulin infusion pump as I was explaining
to him.

I have never had the pump set off any alarms ... unlike my pager!  Then my
briefcase is full of items like cell fones, cig adapter charges, notebook
computers, etc., etc..  I give the sucurity guys things to look for at times
... most of the time there is never a question asked.


Nolan K.

Aileen wrote:

> I am getting ready to make my first flight out of state in 20 yrs, and I
> have the added delight of traveling with my pump.  Do you have any advice
> for me, especially the issue of airport security with my insulin, syringes,
> and pump?  I will not be changing time zones at least, so that won't be an
> issue.
> Aileen
> email @ redacted
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