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RE: [IP] ID Bracelet

This is soooo true...I remember that when I was diagnosed so many years ago, my pediatrician told me that I WASN'T sick, but I had a condition...I could do anything that anyone else could do....HE WAS RIGHT and I've never felt sorry for myself...I use my ID and my pump to educate......so many don't really get the "gist" of diabetes....it's more than not eating sugar...(one of those things that I detest,when people say it..) we have a disease...let's educate and show others....Hey I'm OK with this.;....how about you???
just my .02..(sorry got carried away...hehe)

 I am quite happy to live as a defective human being - consider the
alternative. I wear my badge proudly and feel honored to educate hundreds of
children a year to the symptoms of this illness.  ~DD
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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