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[IP] "Imperfection"

I'm with you Randall.  Perhaps I've already joined the ranks of the old
fogeys, but wearing a bracelet does not announce to anyone that I am less
than anyone else.  Only actions can do that, so, get a grip and get a life.
I don't understand what the big deal is.  Time to re-evaluate self esteem if
wearing a Medic Alert type of bracelet gives cause to think less of
yourself.  Then again, I've never minded when I am called a diabetic either.

Sorry for the "force" of my disagreement there, but I've spent the weekend
seeing a man (my husband's identical twin) who has always been in peak
physical condition with no medical challenges dying in a Class 1 Trauma
Center.  It adds perspective, prayers, and promises to life.  After over
10,000 jumps, a masters level certification, instructor status, etc...
skydiving wins if a miracle doesn't happen soon.  Prayers appreciated, but
in your hearts rather than cluttering up the list.

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