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[IP] New Problem


Today Megan came home from a sleep over at 459. Quite a shock since she woke
up with 170 and had a normal breakfast and insulin bolus.

One hour later she was 579 after 1.5 bolus. Removed infusion and injected 1.5
units of Humalog. Bolus .5 units through pump to check the line.

No insulin. Bolus 1 unit to check line again-no insulin dripping out. Visually
check the line-no air visible in the line. Bolus another .5-no insulin
dripping at the end.
Whoa-never had that happen!

Change the tubing! Prime the line-insulin comes dripping out! WOW-what
happened to the old tubing? Tried to blow through it to see if there is a
Nothing happens. Now that the tubing is changed everything is OK!!

The tubing was only 5 days old. Obviously it was clogged but there was not a
NO DELIVERY alarm. Ever heard of this??

Judy C.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/