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Re: [IP] Non-member submission from [Timothy Tobais <email @ redacted>]

    Not sure how many responses you've already gotten here, but the "germ" is
Staph aureus & yes, some people are more prone to it than others.  My daughter
has had 3 site infections since she began pumping 2 1/2 years ago - none in
the past year however when she finally realized that she ABSOLUTELY HAD to be
more vigilant about cleanliness.  Now that she uses Hibiclens before each set
change, both to wash her hands & the area ( if she hasn't just showered) there
hasn't been any problem.
    The first infection required Keflex antibiotics, hot compresses &
Bactroban on the site.  The second one almost could have avoided the
anitbiotics but we opted to err on the side of caution. Difference arose from
"catching" the problem much sooner than the first one.  The 3rd one was caught
as soon as the site felt "funny" & looked a bit red.  Hot compresses and
hydrogen peroxide dripped on the area to allow the discharge to ooze out were
all that was needed to resolve this one.
    Basic rule of thumb now is" If the site feels "funny" more than 30 minutes
after a set change, assume there's trouble "brewing" & change it out.
    Hope this info helps

Regards, Renee
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