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Re: [IP] Re:


In one of your replies you referred to Pumping Insulin. Where can I find that?
I have been using Dr. Trippe, have known him since he came to town, but he has
gotten soooooo bad about not listening to my concerns and doesn't even ask to
see my bs so I changed to Dr. Weinrib. Like him a lot, but he's fairly new to
the pump. I used to drive all the way to Nashville to see my doctor, but when
I developed cad and had to have 3 different angioplasties and a stent thought
I had better have a doc in town. Dr. Creech taught me how to change my own
basal rates, but I'm down to fine tuning between 2am and 9am. At .7 I have a
bs of 61 but at .6 it was l51. Maybe what you referred to will help me out.
Dr. Weinrib seems real good, but I do like to have control over my own pump

Thanks, Marilyn
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/