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Re: [IP] medic alert

I have been following this thread with some interest.   I will give my 2 cents

Wearing some form of medic alert jewelry is important.  I wear a Speidel
bracelet.  The model I have has a compartment for a small (infact very small)
paper with medical info on it.  Thank goodness for laser type printers and
copiers that reduce - only way I got everything on paper and get it small
enough to fit in bracelet.  

I don't believe that medic alert jewelry should be all that fashionable.  If
you had it as fashionable jewelry it might be overlooked by medical personnel.

I do know that this type of jewelry is very important - it saved my father
from getting the medicine that he was severely allergic to one time.

Also about the pump being mistaken as a pager.  I have taken a label maker and
on 2 sides and on top (unfortunately I cover up the pump name and model
number) I have placed labels stating that it is an insulin pump.

As I said earlier - just my .02

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/