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Re: [IP] Cannula Crimp -- Advice, please

Laurel & Wayne wrote:
> Sorry I only seem to delurk when I have a problem . 

That's the most appropriae time, isn't it?

 > I'm pretty much convinced that I will be happier when completely switched
> over to Sil sets 

I'm sure you will.

 I have been using SofSets
> in my side-butt.  Here is the problem.  I was noticing that I seemed to be
> getting consistently INconsistent delivery, so I have been carefully
> inspecting each set upon removal.  And I have found out that the set
> usually has an nearly invisible, hook-like crimp, right in the very tip of
> the cannula!
> I am very confident of the insertion technique, so this is somehow
> happening AFTER the insert.  What could be causing it?  

The design of the Sofsets leads to the canula being pushed in and out
when the skin it's attached to is compressed with certain kinds of motion.
So when it gets pushed in it may start bending, and get worse next time, etc.

I'm not really
> overweight, but do have plenty of the usual female body-fat on the butt.
> This does NOT happen when I do the insert in my tummy; only the butt. 

I suspect that when you bend the area, which is on the outside of a curve,
the skin stretches tighter at the site, forcing the canula in deeper.

> don't insert where my weight will be when sitting, but I'm sure I do roll
> on the set while sleeping--is that the likely cause?

Doubtful but possible. 

> Anyone else with this problem? 

That's why I gave up on SofSets nearly 4 years ago when I found out about the 
Comforts (Silhouettes OEM brand brother) and started using them. I never have
them in the are you use, but had trouble with the SofSets on my abdomen. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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