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Re: [IP] Allergies

Michael and Shelby responded to my Sudafed suggestion:

>I believe the Sudafed box says don't take if you are diabetic.  I wish I
>could take it, cause it really works.
>I stay with pink Benedryl and Robitussin DM.
I think this is the "standard warning" for many cold and allergy
medications. I'm waiting to see an overzealous warning on one of these
boxes which says: "Do not take this medication if you're suffering from a
cold or allergy" <vbg>.

I think the warning has to do with possible effect of the medication(s) on
the circulatory system, which is something we need to be aware of with
diabetes (the term "vaso constrictors" keeps coming to mind, but I can't
put my finger on a better detailed description). The warning is also
probably more of a general "blanket type" warning, to make sure all
possible side effects for all possible medical conditions are mentioned.

I'd advise checking with your doc - mine is o.k. with Sudafed, last time we
chatted about it. It's one of the better working allergy meds for me.

Bob Burnett

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