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[IP] Cannula Crimp -- Advice, please

Hi, All:

Sorry I only seem to delurk when I have a problem . . . I'm in the process
of a lot of transitions, including changing jobs, which are taking up a lot
of time and energy.

I'm pretty much convinced that I will be happier when completely switched
over to Sil sets (if I can manage that), but in the meantime (I'm
completely out of Sils; have a supply on order), I have been using SofSets
in my side-butt.  Here is the problem.  I was noticing that I seemed to be
getting consistently INconsistent delivery, so I have been carefully
inspecting each set upon removal.  And I have found out that the set
usually has an nearly invisible, hook-like crimp, right in the very tip of
the cannula!

I am very confident of the insertion technique, so this is somehow
happening AFTER the insert.  What could be causing it?  I'm not really
overweight, but do have plenty of the usual female body-fat on the butt. 
This does NOT happen when I do the insert in my tummy; only the butt.  I
don't insert where my weight will be when sitting, but I'm sure I do roll
on the set while sleeping--is that the likely cause?

Anyone else with this problem?  And I assume there is no solution but to
use only Sils in my butt.  I am not at all flexible, so this will mean
hubby's under pressure to learn to deal with that L-O-N-G needle.  Any
suggestions in that regard?

Thanks very much.

--Laurel Huff-Sedgwick, pumping with MM507 since 5/98

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