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Re: [IP] medic alert

>Darrin Parker wrote:
>> All Medic Alert says is that the braclets are designed to come appart at 13
>> lbs force in case of an auto accident or other such circumstance so that
>> the braclet breaks and not your wrist.
>Wow! That's curious sort of logic. The item that is designed to stay
>with you as you are dragged from the wreckage of your car is also
>designed to fall off in a car crash... As you die in the ER of DKA coma
>because noone realised you were diabetic, at least your wrist won't be

I was informed of this in writting some years ago by the Canadian Medic
Alert Society.  Obviously it has to do with liabilty law.

Another sad commentary on our %$^*ed up justice system.

Darrin Parker
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