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At 08:39 PM 08/21/1998  Barb Schiller wrote:
>Thanks for reply.  So, you are saying that I should be safe going to
>at 100.  If I am lower (70 or 80) at 3 am should I do some glucose tabs
>cover me?  This is the only scarely part for me.  It has been years since
>have known consistent good numbers - I do hope this lasts - its

The part I find hardest is developing new habits in treating low BGs. With
MDI I was used to taking the glucose tabs and then getting some added carbs
to cover me for a few hours afterwards. With the pump, if your basals are
set correctly, the glucose tabs should normally enough, because you don't
have the NPH or L lurking in the background. However, when I'm really low,
rational thought does not always prevail and I often eat too much and have
an ugly bounce upwards later on.

I've found that setting my basals is the hard part. I really need to fast
over various meals to see what my basals are really doing. I haven't done
that yet. And since my insulin needs are cyclical it makes it even more


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