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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

John,  I'm ROFL--I'm referring to your comment about putting Michael's school
essay on microfilm--you're TOO funny.  I guess John we are the very few who
just don't like bracelets.  I won't wear ANY bracelet.  I DID pass out once
when I was pregnant--not before and not since.   As far as auto accidents, I
hope they check my wallet---eventually.  I'll take my chances, like you, John.
I have told my husband to NOT call the paramedics or give me glucagon unless I
am dead.  I realize that is extreme, but I have had bad experiences with both.
Before giving me glucagon, he must first put a funnel in my mouth and pour
honey down my throat. I am not even going to tell you my experience with the
paramedics--it's too depressing.   I guess we all have our bad experiences
that we live and learn by.  For some reason, I don't believe my death will be
due to the absence of a bracelet(g).  ellen
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