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Re: [IP] finger sticks

Hi. I'm  new at this, but thought I would put in my two cents worth. I have
been ordering my things through Continental Pharmacies. I got it out of
Diabetes Forecast and they accept insurance assignment. So there is no cost to
me. I really prefer the Softclix because of being able to set the depth. Also,
another thing that I have finally found is a lotion called Fingers. It really
has made a large difference. I have had diabetes for 39 years and been on the
pump since Feb. l7, 1981. I test atleast 8, sometimes 14 to 16 times a day, so
my fingertips have atrophy places in them, but these two things seem to help
the most. 

I'm really excited about finding y'all. I live in Montgomery, Alabama, and it
is very hard to find anyone to talk to about serious concerns on a daily or
even weekly basis.

Thanks for being out there.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/