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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

At 11:07 AM 08/21/1998  John Neale wrote:
>Sam, if you bought a new car, and found that none of the doors closed
>properly, and you had to hold them shut with your hand as you drove,
>would that not be defective either by your definition? Sure, the skill
>in managing diabetes is to make it look to the outside world as if you
>don't have diabetes, and to lead a productive useful life. But this
>doesn't remove the fact the we all invest a large amount of time and
>energy each day overcoming a fairly major system "defect" in our body.
>There's more validity perhaps in arguing "I am not defective, it is just
>my body that is defective". But me and my body tend to regard ourselves
>as equal partners in this game, and share responsibilities...
>Of course nobody is perfect. But the "imperfection" of not producing
>insulin is pretty major in my book, compared with most other people's

Of course, when you are diabetic there is some defective process in your
body. No question about that. I was just concerned about people feeling
that they (as a person) were defective because of diabetes. Maybe I
mis-understood the intent of the post. 


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