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[IP] eyes

I am so amazingly irritated!!  This country and its priorities....grrrrr

I asked my endo here in NYC for a referral to get a second opinion since my
doctor in Dallas wants to do the Vitrectomy and I hate the witch doctor who
has been lasering me since I moved here...so I get the name AND the number,
and since I am motivated by the recent bleed, I call his office to set up an

I gave the receptionist my name and said  "Dr. Drexler wants me to see Dr.
Fisher."  She responded with, "WHAT KIND OF INSURANCE DO YOU HAVE?"  Jeez
Louise!!  I said "it is called the Mutual Group."  She said "Dr. Fisher doesnt
accept that so you are going to have to pay..."  I cut her off and asked, "are
you more concerned about my ability to pay than what my problem that prompted
this call might be?"  She said, "well, we have to make sure..." I cut her off
again and said "never mind." and hung up.

I have insurance, and as much as I gripe about their bureaucracy they
eventually get around to pay, and if I have it done this year, it will be paid
100%!  He may be the best doctor in the country but the system is doing him
and me an injustice and I am not going to be treated like this.

Sara...who is gonna just live with the black swirls for another weekend
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