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[IP] Solo living

Dear Phoebe:

Having your own room is no different than sharing it with someone...You still
have to take the responsibility.  of course, a roommate will notice you are
still sleeping when you were supposed to be at an 8am recitation, but, be your
own boss.  Keep a jar of dex tabs within reach of your bed - under it maybe -
just make sure it doesn't roll out of reach.  Until you relax, set your alarm
ever night for 3 am or so to make sure you arent crashing or going high or
that there isnt a kink in your tube..or any one of the dozen other problems we
run into.

If you are really concerned, you might ask a couple of friends to rotate
calling you at a given time in the morning to make sure you are up and awake
and functioning, or ask your RA, or your CDE...after a while, you may find you
feel safe enough and can do away with the phone calls...then maybe not wake up
EVERY night.  Just YOU be the master...don't let diabetes lead you around by
the nose!

Having your own room only means you dont have to listen to someone else's
phone conversations or snores, and you can walk around necked if you want.
Please dont be scared or worried.  I have lived alone a lot and even when I
have had roommates, I knew I couldn't rely on them for an emergency - they'd
call  911 and incur all kinds of expenses for me to have to pay when a simple
little glucose tab would have sufficed.  I sleep in a loft now and before I
climb up, I take my meter up, which has a syringe tucked in the side, and I
make sure my dex-tab jar has contents...I dont want to have to navigate a 6'
ladder at 3 am in the dark, with my eyes, when my sugar is 47!!

Good luck and have fun!!

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