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Re: [IP] finger sticks

>  but I'm wondering what everyone uses for lancing
>      devices.

    For a long time, meter companies, doctors officies and pharmacies gave
these out free.  I know that since bg testing is now nearly universal, they
have begun to actually sell them but I have never bought one.  I have about 5-6
different kinds -- a few of each kind in some cases, most of which came with
giveaway meters -- and, as a result, I just rotate to find one that seems to be
working.  The latest good one seems to be the one that came with the Accucheck
Complete. That may be the one you mentioned with the different lancets. The
lancets for that one are a different shape and kind.  The one that accompanied
the Profile has been mildly difficult.  After 2-3 years, which ever one or two
I knew was clearly the best suddenly seems faulty.  I suspect this is a measure
of me more than the device and I suspect that it is usually provoked by a long
period of intensive blood testing (in other words more than 13 or 14 tests a
day for a week or more).  There is one that let's you dial a depth and it seems
to either work the absolute best or the absolute worst for a month or so at a

> I know
>      it and the lancets are more expensive, so I wondered if it was worth
>      it.

 I haven't bought lancets for 10 or 15 years-- they give so many a way and I
carry my meter around so much that they tend to last a long time.  I didn't
think any lancets cost much more than $5-10 dollars for a hundred or more which
would last a long time.

>      Also, how do you choose which fingertip to test?  Organized rotation,
>      or which ever one looks the best?!

 I have no systematic way -- I just try not to keep using the same place and I
just try to use all 5 fingers on one hand as thoroughly as I can.  I don't use
my right hand b/c I like to use it for art work.

You might want to know that you should be able to convince someone (doctor,
pharmacist, meter rep) to give you meters, lancets and lancing devices for

Hope that's helpful


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