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[IP] Warning - Diabetic on Board and breaking bracelets

Sam wrote:

> There is a plan that I've heard of to have a standard ID symbol used as a
> bumper sticker for diabetics. I think its called the "DM Sticker Project".
> The idea is that it would alert medics and the police that a diabetic might
> be in the car. Has anyone else heard of this? 

no and I would vote against it if given the opportunity.  Are they gonna
similarly LABEL persons with HIV?  how about epilepsy?  how about cancer?  and
then what about those who have been convicted of drunken driving?  and god
knows I want to make sure and have those fools who dont use their turn signals
LABELED.  and if you watch Jerry Springer, then PLEASE make sure I am aware of
it - sure dont want to be driving too close behind YOU. 

Stupid stupid idea.  If they cant just tell the EMTs to look for a freaking ID
bracelet, that is accepted practically everywhere, then how are they gonna
tell them how to interpret some hieroglyphic symbol on someones car...and what
if the bumper has been ripped off?  Are you gonna NOT wear your ID tag on your
arm cuz you have it on your bumper???  Not me...

What organization is wasting money on this project...I'd like to write them a

and as for Darrin's bad experience with the Medic Alert - maybe it is just the
Canadian version?  As always YMMV, but I have put my arm ins some pretty
compromising positions.  I wear my bracelet secure to my arm - can barely
slide a finger between it and my skin and have had no problems - except once -
I hooked it on a nail behind a flat backstage as I was running past to meet an
actor for a quick change...I felt my arm practiclaly wrench out of the socket
- certainly more than 13 pounds of pressure - and the entire set wavered,  but
as the true professional that I am, I ignored the pain, unhooked my arm and
kept on going.  Later I noticed the bloody welt I had across the top of my
wrist and saw that one of the links had opened up a little...nothing that a
good pair of pliers couldn't squeeze back together.  

Sara - who refuses to be defined by anyone or anything, but who will take her
medic alert bracelet off for the right role
*-)=B xoxx
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