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[IP] NOT CORNY!! maybe an age thing

Jenny wrote:

> Does anyone know if ankle bracelets are available?  

why not?  they have em to fit big old fat men's wrists - surely your ankle
isnt that big!!  Of course, what if you are wearing socks?  Does any trained
professional think to look at your foot, of all places - hell we cant even get
them to look at our arm!

> I agree necklaces and bracelets are too corny.  Why not just write "I am
> defective" across my forehead?  

nothing personal jenny, but geezzz!  I wear one and I dont feel like I have "I
am defective" on my forehead!   Sure they are as ugly as sin, and sure, we
would all rather be free to just go about our merry little lives un adorned,
like John over there in Germany, where a paramedic can go thru someone's
wallet while they are bleeding to death without fearing a lawsuit, but oops
sorry - we dont, and as all the horrible low stories can attest...some of us
NEED to have something readily available ...even if most EMTs arent
trained...even if you personally NEVER have to use it (like me).

I put off paying credit card bills, I procrastinate with my taxes, and my
telephone payment is consistenly late, but when that medic alert bill comes, I
update my info, and write the check and mail it back before the week is out!
I also am the kind of person who hopes that IF I am ever in any kind of
horrible accident (knock on wood) that my left arm isnt severed from my body,
though, if it were, i am sure I would have more important things to worry
about than if they know I have diabettes or not...but still

corny...what will be corny is when they have to contend with your super high
blood sugar cuz they put you on a Dextrose IV when you were brought in
unconscious....then you go into a coma and it doesnt matter that you merely
had a ruptured appendix when you came in...now you have more important fish to
fry...hope they go well with corn!

> ...but how many other people have to wear a hunk of metal 24-7,
> detailing their imperfection?

More than you might think, but not as many do who should - but take a good
look around - you might be surprised..., but just cuz ALL the lemmings arent
jumping off the cliff, wouldn't you jump if you knew that by jumping you might
be able to save your life?

and then phoebe wrote:

> i feel the same way, [SNIP] it just seems to call attention to me

Not to insult you or your sisters Phoebe, but when I was younger, I also hated
wearing that thing!  My dad got me a fancy 14K gold one...nope, I had several
necklaces and bracelets - all sat in my dresser...When I went back to grad
school at age 23 and was really finally my own person instead of my parents
little girl, I started wearing this little green plastic disk that said
diabetic on a piece of white yarn around my neck - not very pretty, but it was
my own nod towards the need...At times i would hook it over my rear view
mirror.  Then at age 30, I got the pump and the new medic alert bracelet..and
can look at this think as a responsible adult...I think it takes a little bit
of maturity to recognize the fact that this is necessary, just as is testing
your own blood sugar before getting behind the wheel of a car, and during a
long drive, and before you go to bed, and making sure you really delivered
that bolus for those 8 oreos you just ate..

*-)=B xoxx   who hates eating corn on the cob cuz it gets stuck in her teeth,
but doesnt mind the black grit the oreos leave!!
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