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[IP] For Jeff;s enlightenment

Jeff wrote:
> Perhaps I mis-understand you, but I believe the non-diabetic 
> human body only delivers one type of insulin.  I thought, over my 
> 15 years of pump use that the constant flow of insulin serves both 
> the basal and bolus needs.  Needing to take two different types of 
> insulin negates the value of the pump.  Four 14 years I only used 
> regular but within the last 4 months I only use Humolog. I do not have 
> the problems that you discuss.  Please enlighten me as to why you
> use long acting and short acting insulins when the short acting is 
> always in your body with the pump.  

Yes - you misunderstood.  I didnt say the non-diabetic body delivers different
kinds of insulin.  I didnt even mention those non-Borgs.  I use Velosulin
exclsuively in my pump for more than one reason - which is, as we all know,
Regular, short acting insulin.  However, I am currently EXPERIMENTING with
Humalog, also known as Rocket Fuel and H which is ALSO a Regular, short acting
insulin.  However, as we all know, the H gets to work much quicker than than
the V.  I am using the Humalog to bring down highs only at this point, as I
have good, predictable results with Velosulin.  The problems I am referring to
have to do with the fact that I am using two kinds of short acting insulins
for 2 different processes.

I am not using any long acting insulin, unless you consider Velosulin long
acting, which it IS in relation to the Rocket fuel

And as to your last statement, no, the short acting insulin is NOT always in
your body if you  are using the pump - the pump is not some magic machine that
miraculously keeps itself filled and primed and in a good location on your
body.  If you run out, or suspend and forget to un-suspend, or have a bad site
or a kink, then eventually there is no insulin in your body from the
pump..which as I point out, was the begiinning of my problem!

I hope this has enlightened you!  sorry for the confusion

*-)=B xoxx
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