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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

Sam Skopp wrote:
> I don't think being diabetic makes me, or anyone else, "defective". After
> all, everyone has something that's not perfect. I believe that anyone with
> a chronic disease that can live a relatively normal life and make a useful
> contribution to society is someone very special, hardly defective. Who you
> are as a person is so much more important that any disease you happen to
> have.  The bracelet is merely an important health & safety measure. It is
> not a label.
> [getting off my soap box]

Sam, if you bought a new car, and found that none of the doors closed
properly, and you had to hold them shut with your hand as you drove,
would that not be defective either by your definition? Sure, the skill
in managing diabetes is to make it look to the outside world as if you
don't have diabetes, and to lead a productive useful life. But this
doesn't remove the fact the we all invest a large amount of time and
energy each day overcoming a fairly major system "defect" in our body.

There's more validity perhaps in arguing "I am not defective, it is just
my body that is defective". But me and my body tend to regard ourselves
as equal partners in this game, and share responsibilities...

Of course nobody is perfect. But the "imperfection" of not producing
insulin is pretty major in my book, compared with most other people's

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