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Re: [IP] living alone

To be honest, in the years alone I never worried much.  But keeping stuff
close by (near the bed is helpful.  When you think you might have a problem
try setting your alarm for the middle of the night.  In a dorm, you will have
neighbors who aren't that far away (as close as being in a full-sized house
next door) and if you find a friend you can do something for, you can make an
ocassional arrangement to be checked on.  If you do sleep through a low, it is
not the end of the world -- you will usually rebound in the morning and be
very high.  If you see this happen more than one night, start testing and
resetting your basals.  If your doses are set close to right, the biggest
dangers in the middle of the night will be from decisions you made before bed
-- like boluses for late night pizza.  You can always err there on the side of
caution and favor high over low.

Phoebe wrote:

> this fall i'm moving in to a single dorm room, with a great deal of
> privacy, and i'm concerned about going low during the night, and not being
> able to get myself help. my current ideas are to keep a phone by my bed,
> and to get a rape whisle. how are other living alone people handling this?
> Phoebe
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