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[IP] scar tissue solutions please

Hi Tim!

	I have never heard anything about bioflavinoids so find your suggestion
interesting and plan to research it.  There IS much information out about
the benefits of vitamin E, in both diabetes and heart/cardiovascular
diseases.  I have read research in the past that found a decrease in the
amount of glycosylation end-products with vitamin E therapy.  In
cardiovascular disease, the benefits are well known, including protection of
the arterial wall lining & improvement in circulation.  Considering the fact
that persons with diabetes are at an increased risk for heart disease, the
use of vitamin E is a probably a good one.  Realize however that vit E *can*
interact/enhance other medications - in particular, coumadin (blood
thinners)... so it is a good idea to discuss this with a pharmacist (they
are becoming much more aware of "natural products" & have the resources), or
at the very least, research it thoroughly yourself.  Interestingly, most
cardiologist recommend the antioxidants (Vit C & E) to their patients, and
have actually been taking these themselves for YEARS!  Good prevention.
	Regarding chromium - yep(!), another great idea for some!  There has
recently been some additional research released, AND a statement from Dr.
Jay Skyler (past pres. ADA & huge pump doc!) recently printed in Clinical
Diabetes (ADA publication) in support of the use of chromium picolinate.  It
is particularly effective in persons who demonstrate a degree of insulin
resistence.  In fact, Dr. Skyler is quoted in the news brief as saying that
chromium picolinate is proven in this research to be AS EFFECTIVE as some of
the oral medications currently on the market for the treatment of Type 2
diabetes.  The recommendation above re: a discussion with your pharmacist or
physician is important - there have been some liver concerns with high
dosages of chromium in the past.
	I think it is *wonderful* to see the acceptance of natural products, herbs,
etc in mainstream western medicine.  Personally I think there is much we've
been missing.  Here's to health!

Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE

>Sent:	Thursday, August 20, 1998 9:55 PM
Subject:	[IP] scare tissue solutions please

I have been told that taking bioflavinoids would greatly reduce the
hypertrophy at sites.....

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