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Re: [IP] medic alert

> Over the last 25 years I have invested about $300 CDN in the frigin'
> things.  They last all of 7 months (one month past the warranty expiration)
> and then fall to pieces!
> The times I would most need them they fail.  During rough-housing with the
> niece and nephew at the lake the links separate and sink about 20 feet to
> the bottom. 

We got Kayla the stainless steel bracelet and tightened all the links
when we got it.  We also got a second one for a spare in case something
happened to the first one.  Since Kayla got hers when she was 3, we
decided on the ugly but durable bracelet.  She's banged it up and gotten
it caught on everything imaginable.  Only one time has it come off and
it turned up a few weeks later under her sister's playpen.  Thank G for
the backup!  I agree that the links could be better quality, but so far
we've been happy with the bracelet's durability.


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