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[IP] living alone

                              - - Answer - - 
         August 21, 1998      11:54am   MAIL IS -
   FROM: Gloria Ross, M.D.               Private     
     TO: Phoebe                          
SUBJECT: [IP] living alone               

I live alone and always keep glucose tabs right beside my bed and have an 
extra blood meter I keep there, too.  I have learned not to even get out of 
bed if I am experiencing a low, but pop one of those tabs, then slowly try to 
figure out what my BG is and if I remember, I also put my pump on suspend 
right away.

                               - - Mail - - 
         August 21, 1998      10:30am   MAIL IS -
   FROM: Phoebe                          Private     
     TO: GLORIAR                         
SUBJECT: [IP] living alone               

this fall i'm moving in to a single dorm room, with a great deal of privacy, 
and i'm concerned about going low during the night, and not being able to get 
myself help. my current ideas are to keep a phone by my bed,
and to get a rape whisle. how are other living alone people handling this?

Phoebe email @ redacted 
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