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Re: [IP] double barrels and Rocket Fuel

On 20 Aug 98 at 19:45, email @ redacted wrote:

> As for me and my trials with Rocket fuel (H).., whoa Nellie!  I thought I had
> figured out ratios for sending it thru the "insertion port" and another one
> when injecting it directly, But all hell has broken loose the last 2 days,
> thanks to PMS and my %^&%^$&^ eye..

My doctor told me years ago that we manage diabetes by trial and 
error, but mostly by error...  that little bit of wisdom has served 
me well over the years.

> Yesterday at 5 pm, I ran out of V insulin in the pump as I was delivering my
> dinner bolus...as I was still at work and was gonna be for another couple of
> hours, I injected H thru the port for the meal.  2 hours later I was 138, 8-)
> but I was still out of V thus no basal...and I kinda forgot there is no tail
> on H.  

There is a "tail" on H for many of us - my experiences since I've 
been using it have been that it's got a "tail" that hangs around to 
give you a big wag when you least expect it.  If I take a big bolus 
to get a high down it generally crashes me four to six hours 

> Last night, in my panic, I called Julie..formerly of the IP, in CA, cuz I know
> she used Rocket, and was the only person not in my time zone for which I had
> phone numbers!  She talked me through most of the stuff I knew, but just
> having the other voice...and she reminded me about the LACK of tail in the
> rocket...i never had a problem before not IMMEDIATELY re-filling the syringe
> when it was empty cuz I had that tail...no way jose do I want straight Rocket
> in my pump!!!  I rely on that tail with my lazy, dont-change-it-if-it-aint-
> empy, use-it-to-the-last-drop attitude

I've been "recycling" the Humalog from the syringe for about four 
months now - that means that after I fill a new syringe I take the 
needle off and attach it to the old one and inject the old leftovers 
into the Humalog vial.  I started it one day when I was changing my 
line at the office and I didn't have enough in the vial to fill it up 
so I managed to get it back into the vial from the old syringe and 
then draw it up into the new syringe.  My rate of usage is around 60 
units/day so that means I'll generally have around 100 units to 
recycle...  and I make sure the thing has the full 300 units because 
I've needed it on those "wild ride" days when my bg decides to 
head for orbit for no good reason.

> OH YEAH - as if that wasnt enough...Last night while I am sitting at the pc,
> my freaking eye bled again!  It is horrible....once again the thought of
> vitrectomy is put back before me...i am like Scarlet and say I'll think about
> it tomorrow...guess that today IS tomorrow...damn

It ain't no fun... and tomorrow seems to come quicker than I like 

> Sara
> *-(-B xoxx   who can't see diddley squat today, but whos sugar is 138 as she
> writes this...go figger

I hope things are better today. 

Randall P. Winchester
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