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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

On 20 Aug 98 at 23:38, email @ redacted wrote:

> Does anyone know if ankle bracelets are available?  Where can I get one? 
> I agree necklaces and bracelets are too corny.  Why not just write "I am
> defective" across my forehead?  

Because I'm not defective.  I'm pretty close to perfect, actually.  
It's the world that includes stuff like diabetes that's defective...

I wear one of those nylon strap "kids" medical ID bracelets - black 
with a green/gray flourescent stripe on it.  It looks out of place, 
especially when I've got a suit on.  I've had people notice it while 
I was preaching and ask me about it afterwords.  Corny, maybe, but it 
is visible and does look "out of place" so maybe the people who need 
to see it will see it if necessary...  it's also much more 
comfortable than a metal bracelet and safer since it's snug against 
my wrist.  

Randall P. Winchester
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