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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

thank you everyone for the imput.  I am getting cataloges from
MedicAlert.  For the record, when I went on the pump a year ago I made
the decision to start wearing a bracelet.  Prior to that I was on MDI
for 6 months since my inital diagnosis.  It took my that long to accept
the fact that this thing I had contracted (not the right concept really)
wasn't a bad dream and wasn't going to disappear.  With a pump hooked to
me I had to come out of the closet about my medical situation.  I
figured if my friends and coworkers needed to know, then perhaps
strangers should be able to find out in the circumstance that I couldn't
tell them.  It has been gratifying to find the level of support and
concern that there can exist in the world.  Yes there are bores and
idiots, but I have been fortunate to find them in the minority.

Again, thank you for your imput and advise.  It's nice to have people
who "know" to turn to.

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