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Re: [IP] Humalog&Velosulin

>   Hi, gang!
>      Just saw my doc, and he put me on humalog, but was VERY shocked
> to hear there were people mixing the Humalog & Velosulin. I told him
> the basic idea, and showed him some posts about it. He's very curious
> about this.


My endo's reaction was similar - incredulous disbelief that anyone would
do something so pointlessly stupid. However, the anecdotes on this list
give a strong and clear message: for some people, mixing Humalog and
Velosulin brings advantages. The beauty is that there is little cost in
trying it. If it brings no benefit, go back to straight Humalog. You've
lost nothing by trying it.

Insulin is a strange and wondeful substance that is little understood.
So just because a doc can't see any reason why this should work, doesn't
mean it won't. So try it. I don't know of any research. Trouble is,
these insulins are made by different manufacturers, so the drugs
companies won't pursue research that will promote a competitors product.
They won't even give claims about its safety: Lilly will claim they know
nothing about what goes into Novo insulin, and vice versa. This sort of
makes sense. In the treatment of diabetes nearly everything is
experimental, and the exchanging of experiences openly like on this
list, is what helps progress to be made.

> They do studies ,etc for the ADA here in LA. and fear the
> yeast base of the one(V)versus the dna stuff with (H). 

I may be wrong, but I can't see any basis to this worry: Lilly human
insulin and Humalog are made with yeast and Novo's insulin with e-coli
bacteria (or is it the other way round? I can never remember, and
whenever I find out, I forget where I wrote it down...anyhow...) By the
time the manufacturing process is over, there isn't a trace of the yeast
or bacteria left. It would be pretty shocking if you were injecting
yeast or e-coli under the skin...! The differences are in the funny
chemicals they add to allow the insulin to store better without going
off - it is after all a fresh protein, but it keeps much better than the
food in your fridge. This is where there is concern about mixing the
insulins - that their preservatives may react in unpredictable ways.

Noones reported any problems mixing the insulins. The only problem
reported is when someone diluted Humalog with the NPH dilutant (on their
doctor's advice!), and the Humalog turned into jelly.

> His wife, on pump since 81or82, wants a pump with 2
> syringes, one for velosulin, and basal rate, the other for Humalog and
> boluses.

Tell him some people use Velosulin in the pump for the basal, and take
Humalog by pen/needle for the meal boluses. You get the best of both


BTW If your doc hasn't got a computer, why not? Is he
a) too poor
b) not intelligent enough to use one
or c) unwilling to learn?
I'm continually amazed at how blinkered many are who practice medicine.

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