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Re: [IP] medic alert

At 11:45 PM 08/20/1998  Darrin Parker wrote:
>I am not satisfied with the Medic Alert braclets.  I do not  recommend
>Medic Alert bracelets for anyone wiht an active lifestyle or even a
>lifestyle involving light housecleaning duties as these stresses are too
>much for the design materials.
>Over the last 25 years I have invested about $300 CDN in the frigin'
>things.  They last all of 7 months (one month past the warranty
>and then fall to pieces!
>The times I would most need them they fail.  During rough-housing with
>niece and nephew at the lake the links separate and sink about 20 feet to
>the bottom.  (Although this makes for more sport as we try and dive for
>thing).  At work they catch on machinery or even door latches and are
>off.  Often they just seem to spontaneously fall appart while I'm
>biking or running!
>I've had a welder weld the links and they still come appart wiht enough
>force.  I've bought the nylon "sport" brraclet ($60 CDN + taxes) and it's
>stitching has torn out and the plactic clips broke.  Note that the
>which attaches the stainless steel medic alert desolves with excessive
>exposure to moisture as well.
>Currently I'm using leather shoe lace to tie it to my arm.  this provides
>limited success.   I confess that last week (while I was hypo) the knot
>came out and it sank to the bottom of the lake again.
>All Medic Alert says is that the braclets are designed to come appart at
>lbs force in case of an auto accident or other such circumstance so that
>the braclet breaks and not your wrist.
>Anyone else have this trouble?

The only problem I've ever had is with the clasp. When mine broke, I called
and they sent me a new one (no charge)... the new clasp is totally
re-designed and seems much better than the old clasp. Not one bit of
trouble since. I assume that all the new bracelets come with this "new &
improved" clasp.


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