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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

At 07:50 AM 08/20/1998  James P Lyons wrote:
>I wear a cheap 3$ necklace, that says i'm a diabetic, I figure it can't 
>hurt and I really barely know its there.  I take it off to swim, and 
>every now and then, but try to make sure it is on when I drive.  I talked

>to an EMT friend of mine, asked him what procedures were for med id tags,

>he says that upon arrival at an accident scene, they look for tags pretty

>late into the process.  Perhaps even as late as while in transsit to a 
>hospital (which probably means the inital first aid was wrong)  I haven't

>asked him about pumps, but it would probably be a bigger cue that 
>something is up, and they might check for the tag ealier.  my .02

>From what I've heard, the bracelet is preferable to the necklace.
Apparently a bracelet is a whole lot more likely to be found by medical
staff. They usually look there first and it is out in the open. They may
see the necklace if they are opening your shirt or blouse and a wallet card
is probably the last place they'll look. 

If I'm unconscious I want to be sure that someone recognizes my condition
as soon as possible. I can't see taking the chance that they may totally
miss my medical ID. Even if it is not the very first thing that they do,
the sooner they see it the better.


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