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RE: [IP] scare tissue solutions please


I take vitamin E, chromium, Alpha Lipid Acid and magnesium - I read an
article in GNC Magazine about supplements for diabetics.

By the way - tomorrow is my day to start the pump!!!!!  I have a 507c and
can't wait - my doctor (with hesitation) is letting me use humalog!!

Wish me luck...
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Sent:	Thursday, August 20, 1998 9:55 PM
Subject:	[IP] scare tissue solutions please

I have been told that taking bioflavinoids would greatly reduce the
hytrophy at sites.

Seeing as I have a problem with this, being very lean, any info would be
As well, I would like to know if any one is taking vitamin E for
improved curculation. I have been taking 400 i.u a day and have found it
really helps.
As well, does anyone out there take chromium (supposed to help insulin
absorbtion-so they say).

Tim T.
Pump user for 2 months minimed 507c

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/