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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet


I had the inscription on the back of my bracelet changed to say "Diabetes -
has insulin pump". Not all infusion pumps are used for insulin, some are
used for other drugs, so I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion.
BTW, when I sent in the information to change the bracelet, I originally
wanted the inscription to read: "Insulin Pump, do not remove". Someone at
Medic Alert made the decision (which at the time, I felt was  arbitrary on
their part) to change the inscription to simply state "Diabetes - has
insulin pump".

I'm a long time Medic Alert wearer, and strongly believe in wearing some
sort of medical identification. I feel more comfortable knowing it's there.

Re: identification in a wallet. In my opinion, that's not quite as good,
since wallets get forgotten, lost and stolen.

A tattoo would not be a bad idea, either, as Ellen suggested, but I don't
know how to get the changes inscribed in my existing tattoo which states:
"Born to Raise Hell". Should I change it to say: "Born to Raise Hell with
an Insulin Pump"???? <vbg>

Bob - who doesn't really have a tattoo

mailto:email @ redacted

>I felt like the pump was an attached medic alert. Isn't that enough? Do most
>of you feel that we should be wearing a medic alert as well?
> - Katie

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