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[IP] double barrels and Rocket Fuel

Barb G wrote:

> wants a pump with 2 syringes, one for velosulin, and basal rate, \
> the other for Humalog and boluses. 

My friend at "Home Medical, a Minimed Company" was playing with this - but she
had two pumps - she just unhooked the Velosulin pump - plugged in her rocket
engines, delivered bolus, then switched back.  Couldn't you folks with the
Disetronic "multi-pump" do the same?

As for me and my trials with Rocket fuel (H).., whoa Nellie!  I thought I had
figured out ratios for sending it thru the "insertion port" and another one
when injecting it directly, But all hell has broken loose the last 2 days,
thanks to PMS and my %^&%^$&^ eye..

Yesterday at 5 pm, I ran out of V insulin in the pump as I was delivering my
dinner bolus...as I was still at work and was gonna be for another couple of
hours, I injected H thru the port for the meal.  2 hours later I was 138, 8-)
but I was still out of V thus no basal...and I kinda forgot there is no tail
on H.  By the time I got home at 10pm, I was 298.  I put in 5 units of R thru
the port, to cover the high and prepare for my snack of cereal, and since it
was rocket fuel, checked 15 minutes later expecting to be on the way down, but
there was no change!!  I has already changed my set and was back on basal
V...I checked in 10 minutes...318, so Rocket was not working.  I panicked and
injected 5 more units of Rocket directly...15 minutes later, down to 282, 15
minutes later back up to 298.  I checked every 10 minutes for the next
hour...never dropping below 280...FINALLY after 2 hours, and 10U of Rocket
(which should have lowered me 750-1000 points), I was down to 179...so I felt
safe enough to eat...then I was worried about going too low in the light.., so
I planned to wake up at 4 am...but since it was 2 am at this point I was too
tired and forgot to activate the alarm...

I woke up with 308 and dont know it it is cuz I bottomed out in the night (the
Rocket was gone, but maybe the basal was kicking in), or if this is just my
normal screwy unpredictable PMS week!

Last night, in my panic, I called Julie..formerly of the IP, in CA, cuz I know
she used Rocket, and was the only person not in my time zone for which I had
phone numbers!  She talked me through most of the stuff I knew, but just
having the other voice...and she reminded me about the LACK of tail in the
rocket...i never had a problem before not IMMEDIATELY re-filling the syringe
when it was empty cuz I had that tail...no way jose do I want straight Rocket
in my pump!!!  I rely on that tail with my lazy, dont-change-it-if-it-aint-
empy, use-it-to-the-last-drop attitude

OH YEAH - as if that wasnt enough...Last night while I am sitting at the pc,
my freaking eye bled again!  It is horrible....once again the thought of
vitrectomy is put back before me...i am like Scarlet and say I'll think about
it tomorrow...guess that today IS tomorrow...damn

*-(-B xoxx   who can't see diddley squat today, but whos sugar is 138 as she
writes this...go figger
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