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[IP] medic alert

Katie wrote:

> I felt like the pump was an attached medic alert. Isn't that enough? 
> Do most of you feel that we should be wearing a medic alert as well?

as everyone else has say....YES YES YES!

no where on my pump does it say that i have diabetes...this pump thing could
have opium or heroin in it for all anyone else knows...and what if it gets
ripped off my body in this worst case scenario...also no where else on my body
does it say I have an implanted lens in my left eye and beginning stages of
kidney disease.  Also all the phone number of everyone who can help me are not
engraved on the pump, or any where else on my body...

so, in a word...Yes... we should be wearing a medic alert as well

And it is not a toll free number, mine says call collect, so I guess that
means it will work from Canada or anywhere else...some 800 numbers dont work
from Canada or the Caribbean.

Ellen wrote:

> would probably want it on my butt so I wouldn't have to look at it.  
> But then, how would the paramedics know it was there?   

arent you the one who answered the door butt necked when your husband called
the paramedics for a low...just make sure you are walking heinie first so they
can see it and not mistake you for some kind of harlot!!

I also DO NOT WANT A TATTOO.  I would feel LABELLED - kinda like a
concentration camp victim ( but not as bad - just an example)...labelled,
singled out, DIFFERENT from you and me.  The bracelet doesnt bother me..it is
tight enough that I dont even notice it, plus I have been wearing this Madonna
era holdover bracelet made out of a couple of those black O-ring rubber things
- it doesnt COVER the medic alert, and can also be construed as a fashion

Sara, who has taken hers off maybe twice in the last 5 1/2 years, and one of
those times was for that limo ride!!!  and the rubber bracelet only comes off
whn the medic alert one does!!!

*-)=B xoxx
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