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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet

ellen wrote:
> I hate the bracelet.

Me too, Ellen. I don't wear one. I guess we all weigh up the
risks/inconvenience/benefits of wearing diabetic ID jewelry, and come to
our own decisions.

I'm happy that in 21 years I've never passed out with a hypo, so for me
that's not a problem. For others it is, so you must make your own mind
up. I don't wear jewelry, and for the first few years I was forced to
wear a Medic-alert bracelet. It was a permanent unwelcomed reminder of
this wretched condition, and I got rid of it as soon as I could.

I keep a card prominently in my wallet with my credit cards declaring I
have diabetes, with all the necessary doses, insulins, endo's phone
number etc. In Britain, medical staff always check your wallet for ID
etc. (No, hang on, I haven't changed the details since starting on the
pump... I'll do that tonight...In fact, I could print Michael's school
essay on micro-film... hmmm)

If I was in a terrible car smash, and seperated from everything, and
unconcious... well, that's part of the risk of life. I'm happy to live
with that risk. I know that statistically the risk is so small, it
doesn't for me outweigh the inconvenience of wearing a bracelet/necklace
all the time. (and no, Paula, I don't have any children, at least none
that I'm aware of ;-)

Interestingly, on the back of my pump, it says in clear letters,
"insulin pump". I guess that explains it quite well. And Minimed's phone
number is also given: so, now, why don't Minimed keep all our vital
details for use in emergency, we being identified by our pump serial

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