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[IP] Humalog&Velosulin

  Hi, gang!
     Just saw my doc, and he put me on humalog, but was VERY shocked
to hear there were people mixing the Humalog & Velosulin. I told him
the basic idea, and showed him some posts about it. He's very curious
about this. Does anyone know if there have been any studies done on
the dangers, or safety of mixing these for pump use? He was sure
themix would cause problems with them. He doesn't have a computer, so
can't get on himself. If anyone knows of anything scientific to help
him out, could you let me know where to find it? I like the idea of
mixing so I don't have to be concerned about basal rate 4 or 5 hrs
after boluses, etc.His wife, on pump since 81or82, wants a pump with 2
syringes, one for velosulin, and basal rate, the other for Humalog and
boluses. They do studies ,etc for the ADA here in LA. and fear the
yeast base of the one(V)versus the dna stuff with (H). 
      Barb G

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