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Re: [IP] ICQ chat


I think there's some software you have to load for audio chats... I'll have
to check it out. From what I've heard (not literally), its not like a real
conversation on the phone, but for free it's not too bad.

Yes, I did open up a chat room under Health Issues. However, it closed
after 90 minutes and it was getting pretty late. Maybe we can agree on a
date & time to try it again. Can you get more than one person chatting at a
time? I'm, still learning what this stuff can do.


Sam,  I apologize that it took me awhile to get back to you about the chat room but school has taken a toll on me and it has just started :-).  As far as more than one person, yes there can be more than one person.  Has anyone else replied to a day and time.  For the audio, software comes  preinstalled  with microsoft internet explorer.  It is called microsoft netmeeting.  Also supported by icq.  Keep in contact-----------Donna