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Re: [IP]Update on Kerry

Thanks for the update on Kerry.  We will be thinking of you during the
surgery - you will have good wishes  pouring all over you.   Kerry is
really going through some rough times, isn't she.   My daughter has severe
clinical depression, has been on disability for three years,  but is
finally coming out of it a bit.  We had ups and downs and two steps forward
one step back....it is rough on the family as well as the person depressed.
  I know I kept thinking for years that I just wanted to grab her by the
neck and yell "snap out of it".  Then she hit bottom and I got my training
in chemical imbalances of serotonin.  Lots of people don't understand this
chemical imbalance.   
I don't understand how the insulin imbalance relates to the serotonin
imbalance.....do you have information on what the connection is, without
getting too scientific.  I know my own blood sugar level both high and low
does have an affect on my moods, but I don't know why. 
At any way, hang in there.  I will be wishing you peace and health!

From: Brian Spitler <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Re: [IP]Update on Kerry
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 1998 10:56 PM

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Date: Tuesday, August 18, 1998 10:50 AM

>ps...has anyone heard how Kerry is doing?...i believe her husband Brian
>Splitter? and he is the one who always wrote into the group...

Yes indeed an update is in order. I must apologize for the lapse in time. 
lot has happened since Kerry's plead foir help.  She spent 10 days in a
mental health facility. During which the bulk of the time she was being
treated for her out of control diabetes. She was released the Monday before
the Fourth of July.  For a few weeks she had made remarkable improvement
with the diabetes and the depression. Here recently though has been a
turn around for the worse. Her control is getting bad again due to variable
absorption rates. She has been using more sites, but with varing results.
Even with her antibodies, now the humalog on occasion is being absorded and
active full strength in a matter of 15 minutes.

Kerry's basil has been at 0.4 until just recently. She is going to be
calling her endo tomorrow because when he raised her basil to 0.6, her
control really began to fluctuate badly. Last Thursday she was in a bad
accident. She had a severe hypo while driving. Very fortunately, if there
such a thing in a situation like this, no one was seriously hurt or killed.
It was a one vehicle accident and she eventually hit a building.  Kerry
have had someone looking out for her while she was driving. The car is very
heavily damaged, but she just had minor injuries thankfully. The hypo was
severe that the medic team had to use glucagon and several D-50's (I think
she said that a total of 6 were used). They almost thought that she was in

She may be no longer driving by her choice until the dr's can get
under control. This is best for all involved I'm sure.  Kerry suffered mild
whiplash and received a mild concussion. She is feeling better now.

Brian Spitler

and Michelle, don't worry about the misspelled name

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/