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Re: [IP] Softset Q


I too received many of the softsets and only one of the 'other' kinds of sets.
Although, I've not been on the pump long and have not experienced the
'crinkling' problem with the softsets.  I like that the 'bent needle' set is
not as bulky and in my opinion is easier to insert.  So I phoned Mini-Med and
requested that they have the  boxes of softsets picked up and exchanged for
the bent-needle sets.  Of course Mini-Med was the one who I received the
original supplies from, they had no problem with taking them back and
exchanging.  Something else to consider you can get the sets with 'shorter'
tubing and on the 'bent-needle' sets with or without wings.

Call your supplier and request the exchange at least this way you can try the
others and determine which works best for you.

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