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[IP] My HA1C!!

Hello everyone! I have been having a real hard time keeping up with all the
threads going around.....but, I really feel like I am going to burst unless
I can tell someone who 'really cares' about my HA1C!! This is the first one
I've gotten back since starting on the pump on May 11...............7.7!!!!
I am so excited!!! I've been telling people around me but nobody really
understands except my husband. I know that this is the first result within
'almost normal' range since I was pregnant back in 1989!!! My last few have
11-14! I really love my pump!! I called my Endo and even interrupted a
patient visit, I think. But luckily he seemed just as excited as me!! I
guess I am one of just a few of his patients on the pump! I betcha he'll
start recommending it more and more now!! Thanks everyone for letting me
blab!  Wendy

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